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Municipal Risk Management (MRM) Workers Compensation and Property & Liability Trusts were created to provide safe and credible alternative risk management options to local governments in Pennsylvania. The MRM Trusts are governed by a Board of Trustees, elected by the members. As the MRM Trusts are non-profit organizations, organized pursuant to state statute, the funds of the MRM Trusts belong to the member municipalities and excess funds are returned directly to the members in the form of dividends.

The MRM Workers’ Compensation and Property & Liability Trusts are self-insurance pools developed exclusively for Pennsylvania municipalities & authorities, with more than 400 members from over 61 counties across Pennsylvania. The MRM Workers’ Compensation Trust paid a 2020 dividend of $7,565,367 to its members. Since 1996 it has paid its municipal members a total of $113,755,291 in annual dividends. MRM also distributed $3,263,210 in Property & Liability Trust dividends. That program begun in 2004 has now paid members a total of $26,353,440.

“The MRM Workers Compensation Pooled Trust has been one of the most successful programs for municipal governments and authorities in Pennsylvania. It is regulated by the Self-Insurance Division of the Bureau of Workers Compensation, which requires the pool to annually file independent actuarial reports & independent audits for dividends and for rate making, all pursuant to Act 44 of 1993 as amended.”

The MRM Trusts provide a wide range of member benefits that are administered by HUB International, which has been providing risk management solutions to Pennsylvania governmental entities for over 35 years. Benefits and services delivered to members of the MRM Trusts include loss control services, claims handling and exposure analysis, in addition to Municipal Insurance products that are necessary and specific to Pennsylvania municipalities and authorities.

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State and County Agencies

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection – www.dep.state.pa.us
Pennsylvania Department of Health – www.health.state.pa.us
Allegheny County Health Department – www.alleghenycounty.us